Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toofers Update

I posted a little bit ago about B's teeth being discolored. I was majorly concerned it was something horribly wrong, like decay.... I had called the Ped Office and the Ped Dentist and we had scheduled an appointment for next Monday, as it was the first available. In the meantime, we have been brushing his 2 cute little toofers after every "meal", and bottles. I checked them out last night and they look great!!!! I'm not sure what it was that caused them to get all grey and black looking, but it is almost all gone now. What a relief!!! We have canceled the dentist appointment and I am so happy about it. We will continue to brush his teeth and I would urge you to brush your little bundle's toofers as well! I don't believe the discoloration is a common thing, but I know I would like to avoid such a thing if I could. :-)

Yay for white toofers again!


  1. Yay! Glad to hear that the brushing helped! Ava LOVES her little "toothbrush" and I'm trying to instill good brushing habits also!

  2. Horray for pearly whites!!! Pres loves her toothbrush...a little too much. She is not very happy when were done brushing:(


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