Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was talking to my friend at work today {on IM} and realized that I am totally spoiled. Who spoils me?? My extraordinary Husband. He does so much for me and our family... and then he does more. He is truly better than I could have ever dreamed of. He takes and picks up B from daycare every day. He lets Lexxi out in the afternoon and evening. He gets up at 5AM and feeds B, eats breakfast himself, washes the bottles and my pumping supplies, takes a shower, makes me lunch, and gets everything ready to go along with B ... and while he does this, he lets me sleep in until 645. He has all of the pumping stuff and bottles ready for me when I get home, every day. He changes diapers without a single hesitation or whine. He feeds B like a champ. He is the most hands-on Father I have ever seen, or heard of. He tries his best to stay up with me at night when I need to stay up to pump for the last time of the day before bedtime. He does most of the dishes and keeps the kitchen clean {for the most part!}. He never lets his daytime stresses take over at home. He always has a hug and kiss for us and always, always has a smile. He handles our bills and handled all of the rental crap for our townhouse. He is great at everything he does and I sometimes am not grateful enough and I feel bad about that. I need to shape up and realize what I've got! I've got an amazing Husband that I love with all my heart and has become the absolute best Father. 
Thank you for everything.


  1. wow! Tell your hubs he gets 2 thumbs up from me too!!! It's nice to know dad's like this are around especially when us mom's need it.

  2. Wow, A. That is awesome. It is very heart-warming to hear of such a father who is so hands on with their young child. My husband is the same way and has surprised me in every way possible for the natural care he gives to Everett. Now getting help around the house is another story. :p He's getting better about helping though so I'm thankful for that.

    And by the way, you two are an amazingly adorable couple!

  3. That is totally amazing. You should definitely let him know how important he is to you as often as possible. It's easy to take it for granted, especially when you're used to it. Just think if you had to do all that stuff yourself? Makes for one tired and overworked mama! You have a great family!


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