Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Update

While I have a moment of downtime, I wanted to quick update this wonderful blog. :)
Our receptionist, and my dear friend, Lena, has left our company and has left a lot of work in her wake. She was a busy lady!!! We have loads of filing to get done and a lot of that has, unfortunately, fallen onto my shoulders. Oh well, it will be okay. I will get it done...but not right now. I have a blog to update!!! Hell-ooooooooooo!
Bennett is getting so big and he's so funny these days. I absolutely love spending time with my little guy and he just creates hours and hours of joy. One of the funniest things that has happened lately is I was in the laundry room upstairs taking clothes out of the dryer and folding them, etc. I was putting together some socks and grabbed a ball and pretended to toss it at our dog and called her worthless. I know, that sounds mean, but it's okay... she doesn't understand me. It was a joke, too. Poor dog. Anyway, Patrick was standing there holding B and out of nowhere B cracks up in laughter. And this wasn't the normal couple of giggles that we have heard from him before. It was like a full out laugh. I did it again... (poor Lexxi) and again, and again and kept getting those heart-melting laughs. It was absolutely wonderful. And I thought B liked Lexxi...guess not. ;)

Let's see, what else is new... B spent the day with my Mom & Dad last Saturday so we could make a venture to check on our cabin up north. We came back and my Mom had discovered a new toy for B. He found out he really likes those links that you can put all together... 
... and he loved to smash them onto his little bumbo tray making quite a racket... 
and then sometimes he would stop and hold them up...
Needless to say, he really liked his little linkies. And we thoroughly enjoyed watching him enjoy them. So funny and just so darn cute!!!!
We will definitely need to get this on video soon!!!! Darn only 24 hours in a day, and having to sleep for at least 5 of those. :-P What a waste!

B has been getting closer and closer to crawling. He is a champion scooter... but he gets up on his knees now and does a little rocking... my Dad dubbed it the "Minnesota Rock". So cute.
He also seems to like to lay a certain other way.. I think it's just kind of like an in-between kind of "pose" he gets caught in but my Mom thinks it's quite hilarious and says it looks like he may become a "Chippendale". If she weren't my Mother, I might have slapped her. LOL just kidding.

Let's see, what else. Ohhh, well we got a few solemn-faced pictures the other day at my parents' place again. Normally B is such a happy, smiley baby it was kinda rare to not be able to get him to crack a smile. That's okay... no one's happy 100% of the time. You're still the cutest thing ever even without that darling smile! And I'll cut him a little slack, he did just wake up from a nap. ;)

We also made a trip to the park the other night in an attempt to try the baby swing out. Yeah... well, B's still way too small for that thing so we opted for a quick ride on the duck thingy. I think B kinda liked it. :)
That was our first trip to the park and definitely won't be the last.

Anyway, hope everyone has a fun & safe 4th!!!!
I can't wait to relax and spend some more quality time with my sweet, sweet baby. 
And if I don't post again before it...


  1. B is so freakin cute!! I love those cheeks and those chunky little legs gahhh!!! you have such a handsome little boy.

  2. B has got some great hats!! Love the duck. So cute!! Jack loves banging his toys on his high chair tray. I usually give him something to play with while I'm getting his food. I'm thinking we may need to break out the old pots and wooden spoons!

    I can't believe he's so close to crawling! Jack doesn't even really scoot much. He just rolls all over the place!

    Happy 4th!!! Enjoy that little guy of yours!

  3. Lots of great photos! Asher isn't up on his knees at all yet. We're still working on tummy time! I swear he's going to go straight from laying there to walking. :o)

    I love B's hats!!

  4. I can't believe he's almost crawling! That's great. Good job, B!

  5. I just realized that I never answered your question about the apples. At least I don't think I did! I have a double steamer pot that I use. It's very easy and works great. I use it for everything. I just peel the fruit, dice it, and steam it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  6. Heehee. I always smile looking at your pictures of little B. He is adorable. Soooo funny about the dog and the ball. Ethan loves his links too! I can't believe he's already almost crawling! I love that "MN rock"...haha...too cute! It seriously seems like just yesterday we were complaining about how bad these boys fought and screamed at tummy time! Look at him now! Love all the pictures as always ; )


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