Monday, July 26, 2010


That's what my house is right now. Chaos.
We are still trying to pack things for the big move and it's becoming a total nuisance!!!! We can't pack things that we use daily but we need to get everything else packed up.... and play with B, and feed B, and change B... it's tough to multitask ... even though I used to think I was a good multitasker??? Darn.

B has caught some sort of cold. Poor thing. It seems like something is going around though as I have read a few other blogs where the sweet little babes have come down with something or another. Luckily, it seems like whatever B has, it's mild and will hopefully only last a little while longer. He has a little bit of a runny nose, a little congestion and sneezes a lot. He isn't running a fever {thankfully!} and is still in a pretty good mood, but he is a lot more tired than he usually is and last night was the first night in a long time that he hasn't slept entirely through the night. It's been a long time since he's been awake at 1130 at night. Poor thing... he was having trouble breathing out of his sweet little nose. Sick baby = sad Mommy.

This past weekend was busy, busy, busy. Friday I went to visit my friend that just had that sweet baby, Mika. It was awesome to see that little baby so soon after she entered our world. So beautiful!!!!
and so small! 


Saturday, we tried to spend the day packing but it ended up being more P packing and B & I hanging out, playing, eating, etc. I tried to help P a little and stuck B in his carrier but he's not a huge fan of that thing. I'm hoping he gets to like it better as he gets older. P did a great job, as usual, packing up the pantry. That thing held A LOT of stuff. Damn. 

Sunday I woke up at 920 in a rush, realizing we had to leave the house around 1030 to make our drop-off time of 11AM at my cousin and his wife's house. They offered to babysit B while we had some time to go to lunch and run a few errands. So sweet of them. I really like my cousin's wife, she is absolutely one of the kindest, sweetest people I've ever met. He done good! :)
Anyway, we ended up leaving the house late, as usual, because we had to give B a bottle before we left. I was a little worried about 'stranger anxiety' but he must have been able to sense these two were great peeps. He didn't even get real shy and we were able to leave with no problems. I am thankful he doesn't have stranger anxiety too badly {yet...} but sometimes secretly wish he would cry for me sometimes. I know, I'm BAD! So we dropped him off and went to grab some lunch at Pittsburgh Blue as we had a gift card for there from the awesome babysitters!!! We had never been there before and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We sat on the patio as it was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was sooooo nice. We also dropped our rings off to get inspected/cleaned/rhodium-plated. Then we headed on over to Dave & Buster's to play a round of Big Buck Hunt: Safari and have a brew. We also played some other games while there and I must say, proudly, that I whooped P's butt at air hockey TWICE. Go me! :) After that, we stopped by Trader Joe's in search of this particular bread my Mom loves... to have around when she's helping us this week with B/moving/etc. but we could not find it! Oh well. I did pickup a box of Maple cookies I am anxious to try. Agh, I really need to start eating better. I have been slacking on eating better and exercise as we are gearing up for this big move. After the move, though, I will have no more excuses then it's game on. :-P

Anyway, I will try to update again soon. We close on Thursday morning {900AM!} and then the fun begins. Yay for lifting heavy items. J/K. I will leave that to the MEN!!!! I knew we loved them for some reason. ;)

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

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  1. Good luck with the move and getting organized in the new house. So exciting!!! Send me your new address!


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