Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No wakey?

This morning was quite chaotic.
On a typical day, Patrick wakes up at 5AM to feed B and start getting ready for work... and then I wake up around 645AM. I've tried taking my phone to bed with me (with an alarm set for 630AM) but Patrick usually ends up waking me at 645 so I figured I didn't need it last night. I had left it downstairs and it was low on battery anyway. 
B had slept for a long time, even before his last bottle at 1000PM, so we didn't really expect him to make it anywhere past 5AM, maybe not even until then. He did wake up around 415AM and wasn't really crying, more like "stirring". We gave him the good ol' cork (aka pacifier) and he was back to sleep again, and so were we. Flash forward to Patrick saying, "The clock says 730!!!" Holy crap. That is the time Patrick & B usually head off to daycare and work. And what was the most surprising part.... B wasn't even fussy. He was just hanging out kind of playing by himself with his nuk. So I guess he maybe wanted to be a stinker and make us rush, rush, rush!!! 
I was only 10 minutes late to work, but Patrick was 45 min late. 
I know this stuff is going to happen but man.... I hate being late!!! 
What happened to my reliable baby alarm clock?? 
Oh... I guess he's not so much a baby anymore.



  1. Haha...that's pretty funny. I hope you weren't too late! Babies only sleep long when you have to be somewhere at a certain time...at least that's what Asher does! :o)

  2. Jack does the same thing every morning. He wakes up early, but is content playing by himself and doesn't make a lot of noise. This is great because I he lets me get ready without making a fuss. They're getting to be so big and independent. It's great but also a little sad!

  3. It's so true what Emily said - these things only happen when you need them not to. I'm sure he'll be up bright and early over the weekend :P

  4. Welcome to parenthood!! I don't know a mom, including myself, who HASN'T had that happen!! It sucks when it does though!! :)


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