Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another 1st!

I have been absent...
Bennett got sick last Saturday night, but thankfully recovered in a couple days. This is the first actual cold that he's had since he was born and it was really tough to see him so uncomfortable, watching him struggle to take breaths through his tiny nose and all the sneezing and coughing. Poor baby!!!! I stayed home from work with him on Monday. Monday night, Patrick came home from work and told me he could barely move his neck. Oh boy! My saint of a Mother came over to watch Bennett and off we went to the hospital. We went to the Buffalo Hospital, the same one we had Bennett at. It was so strange to be there again! We even registered in the same exact room that we had when I went in to be induced. The Dr said it was muscular and he was prescribed a muscle relaxer and percocet and stayed home all drugged up on Tuesday. I had to take B to daycare (which is 45+ min away from my work) and get to work...then I got sick. I am still sick! I hate being sick...seriously. And it is so tough to be sick with a little baby. Patrick is thankfully better...neck-wise... yesterday, he started feeling ill himself but I let him sleep for a good 12 hours last night, and he is feeling better today!!! Phew!! It's tough to take care of a little guy with one parent ill... let alone both ill. I seriously give mad props to single parents. I know I could do it, but I really wonder how I would manage everything myself.

Bennett has been his adorable self through the week even though he doesn't feel the best. Poor little guy still has a little bit of a runny nose. Patrick & I think he's starting to truly teethe in the past couple of days... I have yet to confirm this! He has found his toes and is a huge help at diaper changes. :) I will definitely have to get some good pictures of this once I get better... hopefully soon!!!!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day!!!! I can't believe I am a Mother. It is such a wonderful role to play, such a blessing... I now cannot imagine not being a Mother. And it makes me cherish my Mother even more...

... to all of you 1st time Mothers out there...

Enjoy this special day with your family! We are so lucky to have them!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. I'm sorry there's been so much sickness going on at your house. That really stinks! Jack has had a runny nose last night and all day today. Other than that, he's good but I hate it! That's so awesome that B found his feet. I think Jack is the only one left who hasn't. He just stares at them!

    Happy first Mother's Day!


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