Friday, April 16, 2010


It is so cliche to say "TGIF", but ever since Bennett was born, I couldn't mean those letters any more than I do now! Fridays are so awesome, well, Saturday is probably better. But, Friday means the weekend is pretty much here and it's such a nice feeling when you drive out of the parking lot that Friday afternoon. Yay!!! 

Anyway, yesterday I got my lens that I ordered for my camera. It was a suggestion from a friend that knows all about that camera stuff. Although I want to be a professional photographer one day, I definitely need to learn a lot about the technical aspects of it all! Anyway, I popped it onto my camera and I love it! I snapped a few pics last night and it definitely is a world of difference in low-light settings. And right now, until we find a new house, our living room is definitely low-light. Especially when I don't get home until 645 at night and it's already getting dark out! I did not have a chance to get any of those pics up but will definitely be looking at them tonight, or tomorrow, or Sunday. :-P Time is fleeting these days!

We don't have much planned for the weekend, besides enjoying the beautiful weather. Minnesota is quite unpredictable weather-wise, but it has been super nice the past couple of weeks. I ♥ it! Sunshine is awesome!!! Today it's a bit chilly and super windy, but at least the sun is out. We are going to look at a couple houses again tomorrow morning and then probably will head over to Gpa & Gma Steffl's to let Lexxi get some pent-up energy ran out and spend some time outside without peering eyes on us, oh and a yard that's much larger than ours. 

Next weekend Auntie Elizabeth & hopefully Godfather-to-be Michael are coming into town. It's been a while since they've seen B, so it will be fun for all parties! I will definitely be snapping pictures upon pictures... as usual. 

Stay tuned for pics with my new lens♥!

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