Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Blogs to follow!

Yay for new blogs to follow!! It gives me motivation to post more and all that good stuff myself! I think I got a few new readers as well. So exciting. :) 
BBC is so nice in everything baby. It's also really nice to have the Birth Clubs where you can find people that are going through the same stuff you are, around the same time. PLUS, you get to look at a whole bunch of adorable little babies all the time. Bonus!!! 
I finally made a little signature... took me a little bit to figure it out, but I finally did!!! I am hoping to put up a real (non-blogger) website in the somewhat near future. I also want to add to my photography, er, scratch that - I want to start one. Haha. I have lots of subjects to photograph but just have to get healthy and get around to doing it. The weather needs to cooperate better as well. Good ol' Minnesota weather.

I have been sick since this past Sunday (Day 4 and counting...) and I am hoping that this is the tail-end. I am trying to do everything that I can to prevent B from getting sick, but I think he has a little cold. I'm not sure it's from me though... but he has a little runny nose, sneezy and a tiny cough. Poor baby...hope it is short-lived!! Nobody likes a sick baby.

We have been on a house hunt. I bought the townhouse that we live in right now almost 5 years ago by myself. It was a great idea at the time and this was before the wonderful market crashed. Now with B here and all that comes with a wonderful baby, we are ready to move on and into a bigger house with more space for everything! We have been on a serious hunt but haven't found "the one" yet. It's quite frustrating and I feel it's going to be really tough to find a house that we really, really like without building on our own, and that is probably nearly impossible for the areas we are looking for. I just want to move!!! All these little details are so time-consuming. I want results NOW! I'm a bit impatient, can you tell? ;)

Bennett turned 3 months on the 18th. I was a bad mommy and didn't get here to post like I had been for his week milestones. He is getting to be such a big, time really does fly. In the past week or so, he has managed to lose some of his hair at the front of the top of his little head. Poor baby... good thing his Easter outfit includes a newsboy hat! :)

I didn't take pics right on the dot, but these count for the 3 month mark. 
Mommy knows best.

B with my M&D

B with Daddy



  1. Love the photos he looks so cute!! Good luck on the house hunt, we are currently looking for a townhome for the time being. Crossing my fingers to get lucky. I would rather have a house though.

  2. My goodness, he is such a beautiful baby. The photographs are great! Too bad we don't live closer. I would have you photograph P. Good luck with the house hunt.

  3. Aww. I love your blog background! I LOVE monkeys :) In fact Ethan's room is monkeys:) Your little guy is adorable! And I call both my boys monkey's lol. Where did you get that sweet Easter outfit? I have a little outfit...but i want a little dressier one like that! Your photo's are great! Love your blog...look forward to following you. Thanks for following mine :)

  4. I love love love that outfit!! I want to get a dressier outfit for jack and take him in to get professional photos. I'm debating on whether or not I should wait until he can sit up on his own though. Good luck on the house hunt. I'll be in the market in the next 2-3 years. It'll be nice to have my own place that I can paint and do what I want with!

    And cute signature. Maybe I'll get around to making one for my blog. I'd love to see more pictures. I feel like it would be great if we could get all of us bloggers together for a visit especially since the babies are all so close in age. Maybe next summer when they are bigger and we're not so new at it we could plan a trip. How fun would that be?

  5. First, I LOVE Bennett's Easter outfit! Where did you get it? I'm looking for a more formal outfit for Asher to wear to a wedding next month and have come up empty so far.

    Just so you know, Asher still has limited head control. He held it up in the Bumbo for a couple minutes, but that was it. I only kept him in it until his head bobbled, then we switched chairs. Being upright gave him some motivation to hold it up! He can be pretty lazy during tummy time and just lays there...


  6. What gorgeous photos - great job! House hunting can be so stressful - good luck!


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