Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I don't read/watch the news

I am not, by any means, an avid news watcher or reader or follower or any of the above. I don't really think it's because I am ignorant, although sometimes I'm sure people think that when I am not familiar with the current events. I guess when it comes to the news, I really take "ignorance is bliss" to another level. I don't want to know about what's going on around the world because it is usually disturbing, depressing, or just plain wrong. I don't care to hear about the war as I think it's unnecessary violence. I don't want to hear about murders and all the psychos roaming among us. I choose to avoid it by being "uninformed" of current events.

But every now and again, there is a story that I hear from someone I know because it's local enough or it's horrible enough. This past weekend my family informed me of an unmistakably devastating event that happened in the same small "town" that my parents happen to live in. A 11-day-old infant was attacked and killed by a husky dog while his carseat was sitting on a bed. It makes you want to puke, the story itself. There are so many different things wrong with this story... the little baby alone in a room with a 71-pound dog, alone in a carseat on a bed... those parents should get charged with murder and negligence. At that age, the baby has absolutely no defenses and was so vulnerable. I cannot begin to, nor would I like to, imagine the scene. My baby is a little over 2 months old and we have the nicest dog in the world but we NEVER leave them alone in the same room. NEVER. EVER. I am a strong believer that animals cannot be trusted with babies. I really don't care how nice they seem or have been, or what kind of bloodline they have, or what breed they are. Animals are animals and should never be trusted or left unattended around such defenseless little beings.

I cannot fathom what is going through a Mother's mind, or rather isn't going through their mind, that would lead to such a horrible incident. I would not want to ever be living her nightmare. The guilt, the pain, the remorse. I can't say that I feel like she doesn't deserve it... as this story really seems to be everyone's fault but the victim, the poor innocent baby that lost its life because it was stuck with a bunch of ignorant 'people'.
RIP Robert Hocker

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  1. See something like this can go both ways. While we have a dog, when saera was that young I wouldn't leave her in the room with him simply based on the fact that he was a small puppy too and did not know how to stop jumping and he had NAILS. Now though, I run upstairs for a drink while she is in her play pen etc and he will lay down next to her cage and watch her. They have a very good bond. In this case however, this dog had no idea about this baby, it was an infant who in thier right mind would put an infant in the room with a big ass dog like you said. It's just asking for something to happen.


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