Monday, January 25, 2010

Sleepy Smiles

Bennett has been pretty darn good at sleeping at night and giving Mommy & Daddy some good stretches of sleep. Patrick has been a total dear and has helped me out a lot by getting up with him in the morning before he goes to work. Thank you, Patrick! For the past 2 nights, Bennett has surprised me so much that I've woken up before him. Two nights ago I woke up in a frenzy because I had expected to be woken up 1 or 2 hours before. But Bennett was just fine. He was sleeping away, although he did wake up shortly thereafter. So for the past two consecutive nights he's gone for a good 5 hour stretch. I believe that is also known as a full night's sleep, that is, in baby world. But that's exactly where we are these days. Baby World. You know what one of the best things I've noticed lately about Baby World is? Those little smirks, grins, and full-out smiles that Bennett gives me when he's got a full tummy and is drifting into a deep sleep. Those little precious moments simply melt my heart. And it never fails either. So when I am up at 3 am feeding my little guy.... that's all I need. Sleepy smiles.

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  1. So true!! I can't wait until my little girl smiles more, but for right now, those sleepy smiles are the best!!


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