Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mission Crib: Accomplished.

Well, we got the crib set up. We meaning Patrick. :) He did a wonderful job and it looks good. It's a little darker than I had thought it was going to be, but that's okay. It will work. It's actually a nice, rich color. I will have to put a picture up soon. Maybe after we get the room a little more situated, etc. My Father-in-Law and his Wife gave us that crib as a gift and we are very thankful. Thanks Mike & Colleen! So generous.

This weekend has actually been quite productive. We finally got a bed frame thingy and Patrick set that up on Friday. Yesterday my Parents paid a visit and my Dad hung our new fan in our bedroom (THANKS X A MILLION) and Patrick got the crib up, and my Mom and I got the house all vacuumed up. It feels nice to come home to a not-so-messy house. :) We are going to make a serious effort to try to keep it that way, but it is definitely not easy. Especially the neverending things - like laundry and dishes. UGH. But Patrick & I make a great team.

We finally got out fishing today and I just want to say I must really be in love because it joys me to see Patrick find joy in life. That's love. It's also love when you pretty much get skunked and the love of your life lands 2 beauties, but you don't get all sulky, you're happy for them. Yeah... that's love. ;) On the left is the first one of the day (out of not many landed). It was an 18"er weighing in at 3.2 lbs. Then he hit the Northern on the right that was longer than the measuring sticker we had on the boat (max. of 36"). We are guessing it was probably 38". We didn't get a chance to weigh her, but the estimate on the measuring sticker said a 36" Northern would weigh, on average, 12.2 lbs. Add 2 inches to that one. And she wasn't a skinny little one either. I was anxious to help him land that Northern but once I realized how big it was, I decided I would play spectator. When she flared her gills, she was definitely much larger than she already was (already damn big!) and scared the crap outta me. I believe that's the biggest Northern Patrick's ever caught. And I love that I was there with him while he did it. <3

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