Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Little Ol' Me... and Baby.

This week should be busy and will hopefully also pass by quickly. I work in Logistics...which is a fancy word for shipping. I process shipments for a computer company, among other things. I'm a multi-tasking, multi-talented woman! Anyway, we typically have 3 of us here to do the job for the 12 salesmen that we have. Unfortunately, I am alone this week, well, Baby & I are doing all the work ourselves! I was supposed to get some help from a couple other co-workers here, but it seems they aren't all that interested in helping out. No surprise to me! It'll be okay and hopefully will help the big ultrasound to come to the present faster, so I'm trying not to complain. Actually I'm really not complaining but it is a bit frustrating. Oh well! Obviously I'm not that busy because I'm here, blogging. lol.

Little Sister is going to be making the big move to Chicago pretty soon. I am excited for her! She is looking to move into a little 2 bedroom apartment with her boyfriend that already lives out there (with his parents right now...) She sent me pics and the apt is adorable! I can't wait to visit them! It will be a big step for them - in life, and in their relationship. They have never lived together before but have been together for years now - like over 4 years I think? Met in college and after it has been purely long distance from Chicago to Minneapolis. I couldn't do it...that long-distance shit takes balls, man. Well, they've done it for this long and now they're looking to make the big step - especially my little Sis - to move in together in an entirely new town (for her). I hope everything works out how she would like it to and she finds happiness and a job she enjoys out there. :)

I have discovered 2 new addictions. Farmville and Farkle. It used to be Bejeweled... and Sims but I haven't played Sims for a long time. Don't get me started on that either b/c if I start I won't stop. Hehe. Yes, I am a loser. Yes, I like computer games. No, I don't play Doom or WOW.... Anyway.... I dare you to beat my Farkle score on FB! I dare you!

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