Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can't sleep.

It's 522am and I can't sleep, well honestly I haven't tried yet to fall back asleep. I got up to use the bathroom (surprise, surprise!) and now I'm pretty darn awake. It's so quiet. I kind of like it. I used to love blaring my music in my car and now, more often than not, I have the radio completely turned off. One of the reasons is because I worry about how the loud music may affect the baby. I've learned there's nothing wrong with a little quiet now and then. Am I truly growing up? Haha. I'd better, right?

The past couple of days I have been feeling little things that I had thought maybe were baby. I have been anxious and as patience as I possibly could be for the moment that I would be 100% sure I knew what I did feel was baby. Last night was that moment. Now that I am more familiar with the exact feeling, it's amazing. And I now feel it much more often because I know what to look for! Patrick even was able to feel it! To think there is a little baby in there... wow, that's something that really makes you think Wow!! It was awesome. :) Words simply cannot describe.

So now I'm sitting here trying to build my music playlist for my site. Trying to find those pretty little love songs and it's making me cry my eyes out. Haha. I definitely am feeling the hormones taking over a larger part of my life during this pregnancy. But that's okay.... cuz Baby, you're worth it.

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