Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can You Duet on CMT

Okay, I would like to voice my opinion about 'Can You Duet' Show on CMT.

It's down to 2 groups now:Steel Magnolia (left), which is made up of a boyfriend/girlfriend couple
and JB Rocket (right) which is made up of 2 guys that didn't even come to the show together originally. I am pulling for JB Rocket WAY more than Steel Magnolia. I hate to be such a hater, but there are so many things about the Steel Magnolia group that simply bug the crap out of me!!! First of all, the chick's face bugs me a lot. She has like a Drew Barrymoreish babyish poutyish face. It's like she didn't lose any of her babyfat on her face and she has droopy features. And the short haircut doesn't do it for me either. Yes, that was a very shallow complaint. And No, I don't think I'm perfect in any way. Moving on, when they sing together, they always get like an inch from each other's face. I understand a group should have chemistry, but come on. Seriously. That's enough now... save it for the bedroom. So usually the chick with the pipes (blonde girl) sings most of the melodies, songs, etc. So this past week the boyfriend steps up and sings the Tim McGraw part of "I Need You" (song with Faith Hill). I cannot stress how much I cannot stand his voice and the way he sings. He needed to open his mouth and sing the words and not theatrically make his sound "cool". Ugh.... I wanted to punch him in the genitals after hearing him "sing" that song. It made me sick. Seriously. Agh! JB Rocket has a great harmony and a great sound together. They have a lot more energy and don't try to manage to make out with each other while on stage. I really want them to win but I am thinking they won't. Do you want to know why? Because of Big Kenny. He's the judge on the right (left pic here). He is part of Big & Rich, the country duo. I have come to believe he may be a bit homophobic. I'm not sure how else to explain how he manages to have something negative to say, or rather - nothing positive to say about JB Rocket whenever they perform. And they rock everytime they perform. The blonde singer in JB Rocket - I don't know if he is gay or not and it doesn't matter, but I feel like it's affecting that Kenny guy's vote. At least they've made it through to the finals against these 2 lovebirds. PUKE. Here's hoping JB Rocket can pull through this Saturday!!!! I'd buy their record!

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