Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday!!! Hooray!

It's finally Friday. And that is a statement that I truly, truly mean. This is the very first week of many where Ann is out on maternity leave and although it didn't drag on as much as I would have thought, I am still so thankful it's Friday!!! Oh, the joy!

So I am so happy to be back here on Blogger. I have tried to use WordPress but it sucked, a lot. I hated it. And so I have returned to this! Happily, at that!

We had a blizzard yesterday but surprisingly, the drive home wasn't bad at all. It was a big slick at points, but I made it home in about the typical amount of time I would any other day. So that was nice.

The days are not long enough... and it's tiring me out! Anyway, time to play with my page :)

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