Monday, June 16, 2008

Geez, Twitter really is sucking the life out of my blogs.

Well, it's June and that means it's a busy-ass month! Lots of crap going on. Lots! Birthdays and more birthdays...anniversaries, weddings, all that good stuff that makes life so joyous. Haha.

I just had my birthday party last Friday, yes, Friday the 13th and it was fun! Patrick did a good job organizing it and getting me the cake I wanted. Thank you Patrick! <3

So this next week will be mainly full of pricing. We are having a garage sale this weekend at Patrick's Mother's house in MP and we haven't even started pricing a thing yet. Yeah, procrastination at its best! So this week will be overflowing with laundry and pricing. Yay, I can't wait! :-P

Tonight we are taking Patrick's Mother out to Kobe for her birthday dinner! Should be a good meal.... it's pretty damn good. Not quite as good as Benis, but pretty close. And it's closer to work for me and they have the sickest lunch specials!

Little sister Liz finally has returned home from 4 years of college at NMU and then a month's excursion to Sweden! She is not on the great hunt for a job and hopefully that will work out for her soon enough. Everything in good time.

Other than that.... not much else is going on I guess. But then again, that is a lot of stuff! hahahaha okay, I will try to be better on the posting. I'm still pretty sure no one ever reads this, OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well!

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