Monday, February 11, 2008

Lara has started to post again. Yay!!!

It's chilly out again today and I am really, REALLY looking forward to Spring.

I have this weird "pain" in my stomach today... not sure what it is but hoping it will subside soon. It's on both sides and is pretty much just annoying. I am very good at listening to my body and if this doesn't go away soon, I'm going to have to go in and get it checked out.

Another Monday at lunch time and I am BORED. I have been bored a lot lately at work.. and it kinda sucks. It sucks to be bored with nothing to keep you busy. The days go by so much faster when you're busy.... so I'm trying to figure out something to occupy my time, in an inconspicuous way. Any ideas? Heh.

We didn't do much at all this past weekend. A lot of hibernating as it was FREEZING out. Watched "Feel the Noise"... and it sucked. I'd give that movie 2/5 stars. Ugh..maybe even 1.5 but stupid netflix doesn't have halves. !!!

Heidi Montag needs to disappear. She's a freak.

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  1. when you are bored just drive to collins and you can help me!!! don't worry you will never be bored!!!! i have solved your problems!!!

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