Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, I'm sitting here at work, on my "lunch hour", bored out of my mind. I have looked at the usual sites I like to read while sitting at my desk eating. Msn.com, thesuperficial.com, myspace, and facebook. I even did a Myspace survey. But still am left with about a 1/2 hour left. I always get bored and start stumbling on people's blogs and find that mind is completely uneventful and thoughtless. LoL, well, not all the time, but damn close. I blab about the dumbest shit and no one even reads it. That's fine too. I guess it's nice to just have an outlet where maybe my husband or my sister will read it. Other than that... I guess I'm not really trying to win any awards or anything. Are there awards for sick blogs? LOL. Joking. I can't believe it's already almost February. Time really does fly. I want to figure out what I will do for my birthday this year. I want to do something really fun! I want to go to Vegas... but I don't think our budget allows for that this year. I guess I'll wait until I hit a big number, like 30. Although, that is like 4 years from now. Boohoo. Money is the root of all evil!! I have decided that one for sure. It drives people mad!!! Mad, I say!

What can I write about? Hmm.... well, boys are trouble. I have a friend that is having boy issues and I feel for her. I've had so many of those in the past, I guess I'm glad they're pretty much over. I like being married though... there is no question about who I'm with or how committed I am to him. That's nice. :) Security.

Ummmmmmmmmmm... well, it's still colder than crap outside. I am ready for Spring. I've been ready for Spring ever since it started getting so f'in cold out. I really can't wait for Fall though. I love fall. But, first we can look forward to warmer weather! I also need some sun. I am fading, my skin color is fading! I need to get tanning or something!!!

Okay, I'm going to go back to trying to find something interesting I haven't read or seen on the internet. Have a good rest of the day!

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  1. uhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. where is the damn heat stupid mom and dad in mexico!


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