Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've been bad.

Okay, so Mcdonald's is doing their monopoly promotion right now. Last night we had Mcd for dinner. I felt sick afterwards, but it was so good! And today at lunch I got it again and I didn't get any monopoly pieces. UGH. And afterwards I felt so f'in guilty. Has anyone seen that movie "Supersize me"? I should really watch it again!!!!

Today is Wednesday and I got up a bit easier today...although I still haven't been able to drag my ass out of bed early enough to have enough time to dry my hair... and now it's getting to be cooler in the morning and well, wet hair = cold!!! So that I have to work on. I've always wanted to get up early enough to take Lexxi for a little run... well, that has never happened and sadly.. I don't think it ever will. I am just NOT a morning person. Blah!!!!

The work day is almost over and I am anxious ... !!

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