Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, I would be getting royally trashed tonight, but... it's only a Wednesday. Blah. So no, I'm not an alcoholic after all.

We won't be at home giving out candy either!!! I don't like any of the kids in our neighborhood and I don't feel like getting up every other minute to give them candy either. So.... we will be going to my parent's house and probably playing cards. Yeah... we're lamos. Oh well.

Ann was actually at work today and that was nice... but she's off again tomorrow. What a loser!

Um... I need to quit smoking. I told Ann I'm not smoking once it gets colder out. And that's coming soon.... !!! Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous but today was chilly!!! And I hear it's only going down from here..... oh well, we are almost into November... so .. and this is what more do I expect??? Hmm................

Patrick's going hunting Friday through Saturday and then it's his birthday on Sunday...the big 26! I will really be married to an old man then... wow.... ;-) J/k baby. I still love you even though you're a geezer. :)

Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!

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