Sunday, September 16, 2007


We are home and it feels great!!! It is nice to get away for a while, but nothing beats the feeling of being home again. Isn't that funny how that works??? I guess maybe I am a home-body after all.

It was a good weekend in Orlando... and it was a short one!!! It went by so quickly and yet some moments just dragged on and on. Typical days in one's life, eh?

I will get pictures up once I get back into the groove of working, etc. I didn't take many as it was so hot we could barely function... but there are a few I think.

So it's back to the grind for 7 days starting tomorrow and then off to Cancun for a week! Yay!

Hoping this week will go by quickly.

Until tomorrow...goodnight all!

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  1. OK poor anika has to work 7 days booo hoooo hoooo


    Oh and I really feel so bad for you that it was hot in Fl. I was freezing my ass off!


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