Friday, August 3, 2007

A Solid Gold Sound

Well, we really dodged a bullet on the videography bit with this company. I was frantic after I heard our initial videographer was ditching out because he was a loser.... and came upon this company. It seemed legit and I wanted to book them ASAP!!! Thank goodness for Patrick and his smarts... and for the people on the forum! Thank you!!! They have gotten horrible complaints against them and have ruined people's weddings. I can't believe it... why would someone make a business out of scamming people and really... how are they still in business????? Gosh that pisses me off. What a loser. Can you imagine being the owner of this company and getting up every morning and having to look at yourself in the mirror... and try not to realize what a scumbag you are??? Geez.............

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I'm a former contracted DJ for the company. It's near impossible to get paid from them. My last two checks were post dated two weeks out. They owe me more than $1,000 and won't answer my calls or my e-mails. These weddings took place months ago and they've already been paid by the customer for them.


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