Thursday, August 2, 2007


We went over to my parents's last night and finished up a good portion of the programs. Patrick got a good start on the thank-you notes for Mike & Colleen's shower and that was a plus for sure.
On a down note, Sarah's sick and I'm not sure what we can do for her. There's other drama going on but I'm not even going to get into it on here.

Last night a bridge in MPLS collapsed into the Mississippi. I must say... that does not just happen because someone forgot to tighten a screw. These bridges are supposed to be built to standard, built to code, built to stand. You see the television footage and you think... anything's possible. It makes you think about everything ... the people who mean the most to you, are they okay? It makes you think about the trust that goes into everything, every single day. The trust that's placed on people that do the same job everyday... but it affects everyone else. It makes you think that there is a higher power... it made me think Damn... there is a God and he is oh so powerful. I am a firm believer in the thought that all things happen for a reason. What was the plan with this collapse? I'm not sure... and the reason may not be known to any of us for a long time, if ever. It will especially be difficult for the families of those lost in this tragedy.

It is saddening to see such a thing happen, but ... the only thing you can do is continue on in life and make sure you tell everyone you care about how you feel... because you NEVER KNOW when it will be your last time.


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