Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I am so sick of people - or rather, a person - pulling the "why me" card. A chick here at work whining all the time about not getting enough time off herself. SO f'ing selfish. Makes me sick. And then whining because most of her time off is for her kid. Well... sorry but you signed yourself up for that. And I don't think you'd have to be at EVERY game or EVERY single sign up. And she acts like every day she takes off for her kid is wasted. Because it's not for herself. Um, does anybody else think that's extremely selfish???

Oh and pulling the I don't know anything (Me, Anika) because I don't have kids yet. Sorry.... but time off from work is time off from work. I don't need to have kids to know that. You're not here at work... doing day to day work things... and I doubt everything she does for her kid takes 9 hours. So F you and STFU.

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