Monday, August 6, 2007

Good News!!!

Well, I talked to Pilar today and she said it wouldn't be a problem for me to take that extra week off in September. I am so pumped, that is so awesome, I'm barely working in September now. So sweet... but goddamn it, I deserve it!!!!

Went to Michaels today at lunchtime. I got some iron-on letters for our fun shirts for the night of the wedding. :) Yay. I need to figure out something for this weekend. Not sure everyone will be down for wearing tiaras. I'll ask sasq what she thinks.

Patrick works late tonight, so I'll probably have a productive night. As sad as it sounds, I am way more productive when he's not home. So I'll probably get more laundry done and get a lot of needed vacuuming done. Yay!!! And I'll probably have a frozen dinner for supper. Or ramen. Yeah, this is my life without Patrick. LOL. Sad. Sad.

The countdown continues and we are closing in on one month to go. It's like a little over 4 weeks today and I am feelin' the heat!!!! It's going to be awesome though.....

I can't wait!!!

Ok, time to get back to the grind.

Peace out.


Sarah, GET BETTER!!!! Your bday is coming up!!!

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  1. hey.......sorry i have not been able to do more for the party coming up but i am so extremely sick. I am either seeing a doctor tuesday or going to Methodist Hospital It is a long story but I am still very sick.........fing sucks....

    bday yuk. just reminds me how broken down i am and worthless with no accomplishments blah!

    I will try very hard to get better for bachelorette party........but i guess better sick now than for the wedding.


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