Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Check it off the list!!!

Another thing down... and the week continues to progress! Yay!!!
Tomorrow is Thursday and I am feeling pretty good. It has been sloooooooow at work. Blah.
Got my hair dyed tonight and trial run... am feeling good about that too! Props to me.
My Mom's procrastination has gotten out of control. What to do!! What to do!!

Okay, well, I guess it's time to go have some yammy watermelon. I'm pretty hungry b/c my Mom didn't get me my fries. lol. oh well, probably for the best.

I still can't really believe that the wedding is actually going to be happening... and soon. That is just a crazy thought to me right now. Wow.

Bye bye til Thurs!!!

Sarah... I did post those pics btw. Finally, I know. They are under their respective categories. "Our Babies/Kitties(Doggies(Lexxi))Mia/Bentley" Get it? ? ?


  1. yea, well it was the truth. haha

  2. my little babies are so sweet


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