Monday, July 16, 2007

The weekend is over once again and I'm back at work wishing I weren't. I'm not sure if I just need a nice long vacation or if Ann needs to come back or if I need an attitude adjustment or what... but I need something. I need something different to happen... because I am hating working now. I hate getting up and having to come here ... so something's gotta give. So I'm waiting... for that.

Friday I did take a half day but it wasn't enough. My uninterest in my work continues...

Friday night we went to Broadway Pizza in Rogers. The pizza was pretty good... no Pizza Hut still... but pretty good. We then went to see "License to Wed" with Robin Williams, Mandy Moore and some people from "The Office" on TV. It was funny... not sure exactly why it got horrible reviews. Patrick & I were laughing out loud a few times for sure.

Saturday we went to Paws on Grand with Lex and Sarah. It was a good time, a beautiful day and it really wore Lex out. She enjoyed all the smells and sights I'm sure. After that we picked up Happy Garden and went over to my Parent's to share the food and hangout there a little bit. We left and got home later that night and just chilled. I can't stay up very late anymore. It's pretty sad.

Sunday was our shower at Mike & Colleen's in Elko. It's quite the drive out there, but we made it and it was a good time. It's exhausting though, to talk to people about things that you've talked about many times before and to be smiling all the time... by the end of the day, both of our faces were pretty much smiled-out I think. We got some good presents and it was nice to see people though... I just certainly couldn't do that all the time.

It's only 1122am. I'm sitting here thinking I wish it were 530pm. Is that pitiful? Is that bad? Is that making things worse? Guess what? Don't care. I can't help it. I can't wait until this wedding stuff is over with.

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  1. as you keep telling will get better. what helps me is the fact i know i will be getting a job sooner than later but only helps a little..........happy garden! >:o butthead! oh and BTW i still have not been allowed to eat pad thai >:o! uhhhh pat looks like a midget next to that picture of the motor.........your poors kids have no chance of breaking the 5 foot barrier! hahahahahahaha you will be walking along and people will is the midgit family! okokok kidding don't hurt me


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