Monday, July 30, 2007

The hunt continues!

My hunt for a videographer... in a huge time crunch... continues!!! I spent my entire lunch hour calling different places and actually found 5 or so good candidates. I cannot believe what some places charge though... I mean, seriously... let's be realistic. And some of them are just plain trying to rip you off. Their samples are crappy and they want like 1500. Are you kidding me??? LOL.

So tonight I'll show Patrick what I've found and see if he like any of them. We saw this awesome site over the weekend but they are all booked for our date. Boohooooooooooo. Their video was the best I've seen out of all of the samples I've seen.

Okay, I'm OUTTA here.......... going to pick up my wedding band at good ol' Jared's. Love them. Heart them. LOTS.

Oh, we got a new kitty too!! She rocks :)

bye bye!

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  1. i still can't believe that dude dumped u and didn't even call


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