Wednesday, June 6, 2007


My Dad is officially a genius. We have internet... strong and clear! YAY!!!
I am so freaking happy. It is so crazy... I think I am a complete nerd. I feel lost without my computer/internet. I barely touched this thing without internet.... so strange. Yes, I am a nerd.... a huge one. bad. Anyway... we got the carpet in the spare bedroom, in the closet, fixed. Well, my wonderful Mother did that for me. (HI MOM!) I don't think she even knows about this blog, but that'd be kind of cool if she did. So anyway.... yeah, I've decided that my new title for my blog - "Random Babblings" is perfect. That's all this is... random crap that just comes pouring out of my head and through my fingers. Tomorrow is Thursday... better than Monday, right??? Yay.... nothing else to say really.... just trying to get the computer downloaded with all the good stuff. I'm going to hit the hay pretty soon here... but wanted to say hello and goodnight!!!

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