Friday, June 22, 2007

Frustration this morning over the guest list... AGAIN! I thought we were done with it. BLAH!~

On the flip side, today is finally Friday ... again. These weeks are getting seemingly longer and longer... but Len comes back to work July 1st... that will be nice for sure!!!

I need to get some exercise in more regularly.... especially now, I need to put my foot down and just do it!! My social life - well, I'm not sure you could call it that, but... - my extra-curricular activities may have to take a backseat to my "exercising" but that's okay!!! I'm getting married in less than 3 months and I am seemingly getting bigger. BLAH x 2!! BLAH!!! BLAH!!!

Okay so yeah, time to slim down and get lean.... haha. Well, slim down at least. I want to get back to where I was like....what was it, 2 years ago? Yeah, I'd be happy with that. Actually, I'd just be happy with getting a little leaner. Lose a little around the tummy area and I'll be okay. Cuz with my dress I can't lose tons of weight. Hey, there's an upside...lose weight, but don't lose that much weight. LOL.

Okay, time for meeting with Fedex man.

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