Tuesday, June 12, 2007

25 Years.

Well, tomorrow is my 25th Birthday. I am kind of excited and kind of not. Actually, no, I'm not excited. I'm getting old. Damn. So tomorrow I'll have to remember to change my heading on my site here. Like I've said before... the only people that read this... (love you guys :) ) - they won't care. LoL.

So tonight has been good. The day at work was dreadful. I couldn't get out of there on time either. Sucks. Oh well. So then I went to dinner with Patrick and we had a really good conversation. It actually wiped my fears away. Sometimes I let my emotions take complete control of me and that leads to way blown out of proportion issues. Yes, I am wrong sometimes. :-P I have a bad temper too... and I let my emotions run me a lot of the time. But... that is who I am too. But... I've also realized that love really is... seeing the person for who they are ... completely and wholly... and loving them anyhow...through it all...all the time...unconditionally. Yeah, I get that now. I've got that... and I will try my best to not forget that.

I got the printer hooked up tonight but I have total cleaning ADD and have spent the past 1/2 hour trying to organize and put album artwork on my iTunes library. Yes, I am a complete loser. LOL.

We got our air working! My Dad really is a genius!!!! :)

Okay, I'm going to watch some chick sing some Alicia Keys song now... I'll post it if it's any worth waiting forever for it to load. ;-)

Tonight I go to bed 24. Tomorrow I wake at 25. Blah!

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  1. Anika is super super old! Hahaha quarter of a century! Sucker. Welcome to the old person club!!!

    Glad to hear things are better!!

    I bet you slept better with the air!!!


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