Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend = No Posts

Well, I guess on the weekend I don't post anything and during the week I over-post. Oh well. I have such a bad memory I don't even remember what I did on Friday.... Oh yeah! We went to Uptown with my Mother and little sis. We ate at Chino Latino (Queso Fundido!) and checked out Urban Outfitters (cool stuff... but overpriced!) and Heartbreakers (nothing great). Sat we went fishing later in the day... earlier that day we went to Cabela's and I got my new favorite PS2 game... Rapala: Pro Fishing. :-D Yes, I am a dork. So in the same breath... I did win a bass tournament. :) *bows*

Yesterday was a lazy day because we had to wait for the cable guy to show up within his allotted 5 hour period. He actually showed up sooner than 5 minutes before his time was up. So now we have a non-faulty DVR that appears to work correctly... and so I'm pumped about that. Hit up the Goodwill for some crap..... and watched "Little Children" with Kate Winslet. I guess I only skimmed the description of this movie... it was ODD. I didn't hate it ... and I imagine some people's lives are really like that... but... it was definitely different. I'd say 3/5 stars. Only because Netflix doesn't have half stars. Otherwise I'd give it 2.5/5. ;-) Yes. Me=Dork.

Okay... well I am going to get to work now... I am a bit behind.. !!!
Liz is back in Mi now.
Sarah is sick.
I am not tired on a Monday. Damn, it's a miracle.
Pat is weird because he slept too damn much. I TOLD HIM SO! :-P

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