Thursday, May 10, 2007

Videographer Search

Well, a while back I was looking for a videographer that agreed with our tastes. I contacted as many as I could find and had them send us their demo discs. There were quite a few of those that I was like...what the heck? Are you serious? And I was also appalled at the cost... but I guess I shouldn't be so surprised... anything with "wedding" in it is ridiculously overpriced. So anyway, I wrote off the idea of having any special sort of editing, etc. I really only wanted the ceremony recorded on a higher quality video camera. Okay, so then Kazul at work said he knew this guy that worked for a video company. Cool. So then we're talking (via email) and he's telling me that it's too bad we aren't going to have any editing and bla bla bla... so then he says he'll knock off 10% so we decide it might not be bad to have the editing for so much more, bla bla bla. Anyway, I told him we decided to go with the editing instead of just the straight filming and he was pleased! He should be sending us a contract shortly. Well, we never looked at his demo disc because I didn't think we would be using them for anything besides straight shooting. I happened upon their demo disc tonight and, well... we are going to be searching for a videographer once again!!! Agh.... there are so many things that need to still be taken care of ... One word: ELOPE.

Oh, and I wish I were feeling better. This cold shit is getting me down.

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